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How to TV (here's one we taught earlier!)

Dear Parents


How to TV or….. here’s one we taught earlier!

Recently I was faced with the unexpected task of building a retaining wall in my garden. Having never done this before I thought about turning to various friends for advice but being short of time I wasn’t able to wait for help to arrive. Instead, I discovered a wealth of internet footage on ‘You Tube’, which dealt with the various stages and skills, involved in brick laying. These video clips helped me plan the whole project, prepare the foundations and finally complete the wall. I went back on to the internet frequently to check I had all the materials and tools I needed and a good understanding of the various skills involved.

It is fair to say that I won’t be giving up my day job to go into the building trade! However, I did feel that I had learnt a tremendous amount. This learning had happened at my own speed, at a time that was convenient and most importantly,  I was able to go back time and time again to check and clarify what I needed to do next.

Here at CWRPS, it has been our intention for the last two years to launch a similar teaching and learning video project to support pupils and parents at home. We have finally reached a point where we are ready to go live.

From Friday 26th October this service will be available to pupils and parents on our website. We have focussed initially on a number of short video clips dealing with reading based skills and activities to tie in with our recent curriculum evening for parents. This range of videos will expand over time to take in a whole variety of basic, yet vital, skills. It will deal with all ages and stages, for example, from developing a proper pencil grip, all the way through to writing complex sentences; from drawing a straight line with a ruler to dealing with division problems.

If you have any suggestions of items that would help you to support your child, please let me know.  Indeed, any feedback about our new service would be greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy CWRPS” How to TV”.