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Clifton with Rawcliffe

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Designing our Creative Curriculum

In May 2015, we carried out a review of our Curriculum Planning.  We have started with the National Curriculum document.  We have then focussed on the subjects in each phase together as a phase team.  We have remembered what we have done well.  We didn’t throw the past away, or rely on it.  Respect the past and build on it for the future. 

We have begun with some key foundation subjects – History, Science, Geography.  These have provided a focus for cross-curricular themes or topics.

We always look for links between “subjects” and especially with Literacy and Maths and Computing.  Keeping core subjects in mind, we have planned themes after blocking and linking the foundation subjects.

We keep the ESSENTIALS, SKILLS and ATTITUDES in mind as we plan for each term.  We always consider the rich and creative learning environment inside and outside at CwR. 

We consider “hooks” or starting activities as we go along.  This is then woven into a LONG-TERM CURRICULUM PLAN which involves shared projects for each phase.  These long term plans are available on the website.