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International Chef Day

We celebrated International Chef Day here in school yesterday.


International Chef  Day

As part of International Chef Day a group of children spent a day cooking various healthy dishes with a head chef from Nestle. Our school was one of the few schools chosen to do this across the country, due to the work we do with Phunky foods. The children that took part have all contributed to the school council, SNAG group or Phunky Food ambassadors programme in the last year.  Chef’s all around the world, took part in similar projects, encouraging children to get involved in the kitchen and have fun whilst learning cooking skills and eating healthily. Throughout the day the children made various dishes, including, pizza and blueberry pancakes. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and were engaged the whole time. We were blown away with their cutting skills, using the bridge and claw method that they have been practising in their Food Tech lessons, without any prompting. We definitely have some budding chef’s in the making!


“I was so proud of all our wonderful children. The food was delicious. Our children and staff are very talented. What a lovely day!”

 Allie (Chair of Governers)

“I really liked it because it was fun and creative!”

Jessie Yr4

“30 lucky children were able to cook with a chef and I was one of them.  We cooked 4 dishes and they were all very tasty. We made pizza buns, pear and grape waldorf  salad, French toast kebabs and last but not least, blueberry pancakes. I had an amazing time with chef!”

Olivia Yr6

“It was so fun because I love cooking!”

Sophie Yr3

“I loved doing all the different healthy foods because I have never tried all the foods before!”

Lydia Yr4

“International chef day was very fun. The chef was really nice and he was called Steve!”

Amelia Yr3

“It was an inspirational morning and I would love to do it again!”

Imogen Yr6


Please take a look at photos from the day in our Gallery.