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Samuel - Y4, WMO British Championships – Silver Medal

21ST February 2016


On 21st February I travelled to Rugby in the East Midlands to compete in the World Martial Arts Organisation British Championships. This is my first year competing since practicing Mixed Martial Arts for 3 years at Craig Longs Black Belt School in Acomb.

I was entered into two kickboxing categories, points and continuous points fighting, for boys aged 12 and under at -30kg. Normally at these competitions the days are very long and are usually spent cheering your team members and preparing yourself for when it’s your turn to fight. My first fight was in the early afternoon competing in the point’s category. I didn’t manage to win a place, but my dad told me it was a massive improvement from my previous fights in point’s competitions.

After a long while waiting around I was called to fight in the continuous category, my favorite category. Each fight lasts for 2 x 1.5 minute rounds. I won my first fight after pulling off a number of spinning hook kicks and good head shots. My next fight was in the semifinals and for a chance to win a place in the final. I also won this fight and managed to pull off a tornado kick which I had been practicing in training for a number of weeks. These types of kicks can earn you lots of points if landed correctly. I also landed a spinning hook kick which knocked my opponent over.

My last fight was in the final, where a Championship gold medal was up for grabs. In the first round I started strong with a few of good kicks and punches. Unfortunately, my opponent managed to connect with more punches in the second round, so at the end of the fight I was declared runner-up.

Although very tried after a long day I was really happy to win a silver medal. It also means that I get the chance to travel to Spain later in the year and compete in the World Championships, representing the England squad.