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Quad Kids Report!

On the 27th June 2017 over 90 school children (including myself) took part in Quad Kids......

On the 27th June 2017 over 90 school children (including myself) took part in Quad Kids...... an athletics competion where we competed in many fun activities and races.  It was a very enjoyable day, however, the weather was not kind to us and by the time we had finished all of our events we were all soaked.  In fact, we were more than soaked, we were drenched!


At approximately eleven O'Clock the fun had begun.  The first race for the year 5/6 boys was a 600m sprint and our school, Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary, did very well and Sam came a brilliant first.  While the boys were running on the track, the year 5/6 girls were in the hall doing long jump.  We each had 3 turns each and it was measured, the furthest jump would win.  Once again we did very well and so did all of the other competitors.  Throughout the rest of the morning we all competed in 2 more activities: vortex howler throw and sprint for the Year 5/6 boys also long distance and vortex howler throw for the 5/6 girls.


After a busy morning of events we all gathered in the stands to eat our lunch.  Four contestants didn't want to stop, so during lunch the 4 geese decided to have a race on the track!!  They waited nervously at the start line for the whistle and off they went.  Barry was in the lead but Jim wasn't far behind, then Will and Luke turned around and went the other way!  As they were approaching the finishing line they took a wrong turn and they were all disqualified. 


When we finished our lunch the fun carried on.  The year 5/6 girls took part in the sprint straight after lunch and myself and Elvina came 1st.  The boys' first event after lunch was the long jump.  Because of the bad weather the relay was cancelled.  At approximately 2pm the presentations started.  Clifton with Rawcliffe Year 3/4 team came 1st and Year 5/6 came 3rd.  It was a brilliant day and for the Year 6s it was their best result but unfortunately their last quad kids, as secondary school beckons.



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